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Milos was the final island on our Honeymoon, and honestly? It has my heart. This place is special. It is much lesser known/ quieter than your Santorini & Mykonos but has been growing in popularity over the last few years. The secret is out. All that means is you may want to book your accommodations early. This tiny island fills up fast! Here are my favorite spots in Milos...


The first rule of Serifos is don’t tell anyone about Serifos! This place is a total hidden gem and WAY different from the large islands of Santorini & Mykonos (but it was also just the change we needed after 2 weeks into our Honeymoon. Think a sleepy town with cute restaurants, deserted beaches you have to get to on foot, and quiet sunsets overlooking the ocean. (God I’ve really read too many travel blogs by this point) OK here are my top Serifos recs!


Oh Mykonos... the party island of the Greek Isles, the playground of billionaires, and the birth place of the "Lindsay Lohan" dance. See below for my favorite spots, best tips, and biggest warnings before you book your trip



I've done some traveling in my day, and I've never seen anything like Santorini. This was my favorite stop of the entire trip. Hands down. For a honeymoon, you simply can’t beat Santorini. It is STUNNING, romantic and just unforgettable. If you're planning a trip, below are my top tips

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Your girl is BACK!! I just got home from three glorious weeks spent in Greece on my Honeymoon. It was, to put it lightly, a f***cking dream. Greece is one of the few travel destinations open to US travelers this Summer and while I was away, I got a TON of DM’s from so many of you asking for tips and recommendations for your own travels. So here I am, sunburned, bloated, and channeling all of my post-wedding energy into giving you ALL the goods. I’m a giver like that.