About BKP

"For Adults with big problems who just want to be kids."

@Bigkidproblems started as an anonymous Twitter account from the basement of my sorority house my senior year of college. Applying for jobs and realizing I had ZERO preparation for adult life, BKP became an outlet and one of my favorite hobbies. Eight years and over 400k followers later, BKP has been with me through every step of my 20-something life: bad roommates, tiny paychecks, and (ugh) the dating. If it has taught me anything, it is that we ALL have #bigkidproblems, whether you're 22, 32 or 62. Nobody has it completely figured out, but trying, failing, and trying again is what makes life more fun - and often, hilarious.

                                                            - Sarah Merrill, Creator @Bigkidproblems 

Using original comedic content, Bigkidproblems is written and curated by Sarah Merrill, a 20-something living and struggling in NYC. Through a mixture of wry wit, pop culture and relatable experience, BKP provides daily humor as we all try to navigate life in the adult world.  

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