97. A No BS Guide through Rock Bottom and the Sh*t No one tells you about Becoming a Mom with Kristina Kuzmic

Oh you are in for a treat today!  Author, Motivational speaker and Comedian Kristina Kuzmic is here for a no BS convo about depressive episodes, new motherhood, postpartum and everything in between. We talk about the real stuff no-one tells you about parenting, coming out of rock bottom, and some serious life lessons she’s learned and wishes she knew sooner. This is honestly one of my favorite conversations I’ve had on the podcast! 

96. BIG NEWS!!

I have some BIG NEWS this week!!! I’ve been waiting about 3 months to share this with you and the moment is HERE :)

95. Get in Touch with Your Sensual Self! Getting out of your Head and Reconnecting with your Body with Sexuality Doula Ev’Yan Whitney

Let’s get SENSUAL! Want the key to great sex? It starts with YOU. Sexuality Doula, Sex Educator and Author of the brand new book “Sensual Self” Ev’Yan Whitney is on the podcast today to teach us how to get in touch with our sensual selves. So many of us get disconnected from ourselves and we don’t even know it. When we tap into your sensual self,  we can enjoy little things and big things a whole lot more, it helps us also reconnect with our partners and yes..even have better sex. Who doesn’t want that? 

94. Pandemic PTSD & Treating Lingering Anxiety with Dr. Cecily Havert

Having trouble shaking off that sense of impending doom from 2020? You’re not alone! After a year of adjusting and shifting our lives to the pandemic, returning to a jam packed, structured schedule can seem like an extremely daunting task. Dr. Cecily Havert is here to talk about WHY we may still be experiencing heightened anxiety, answers some vaccine concerns and questions, and offers us 5 different ways to cope!

93. Spilling the Tea on Reality TV, Finding Love and Starting Over with Hannah Berner

You may love her, you may love to hate her, but Hannah Berner (Bravo TV’s Summer House,  “Berning In Hell” and “Giggly Squad”)  is back on the show this week and spilling some PIPING HOT TEA. We talk about her departure from Bravo TV and the shitstorm that followed, insecurities, Instagram, ego, life lessons, party friends, wedding planning, and SO MUCH MORE!