Episode 4: Help Me I’m Poor! Budgeting, Breaking bad financial habits, Odd jobs & side hustles, Changing your money mindset, Tips to escape credit card and student loan debt

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Help me I’m poor! One of the biggest #bigkidproblems out there is feeling broke or just not knowing how to control your personal finances. If anyone knows this struggle well, it’s Comedienne Wrenn Woods and Actress Katie Peterson who spent years doing the “ struggling actress” thing. And I thought NYC was hard! We talk odd jobs and side hustles, stupid habits that keep us broke, and the weirdest things we’ve done for money.

Then we’ll uncover the scary personal finance monster we hide from with our Expert, Brittney Castro of Financially Wise, Inc.  a company all about getting control of your finances and life. We talk about very unsexy things like budgeting, credit scores and 401ks, but by  getting clear she helps us to create a plan and stop stressing about money. She’ll also help to get us out of credit card and student loan debt, and help us afford $16 salads.

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Wrenn Woods

Instagram: @wrennwoods and @thewrennwoodsshow

Twitter: @wrennwoods

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Katie Peterson

Instagram: @KatieLauraPeterson

Blog: The Rebel Blonde

Expert of the week:

Brittney Castro:

Instagram: @brittneycastro

Website: Financially Wise, Inc

Program:  Wealth Mastery

Some of the resources Brittney mentioned:

Investopedia: www.investopedia.com


You Need A Budget (App): here

Great Book Recommendation: Money Master The Game by Tony Robbins


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