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Mistakes Were Made: Beauty Treatments I Regret

I've tried a lot of different beauty treatments and have a few regrets. Learn from my mistakes and save face (and your wallet)! Here are my top 5 Biggest beauty treatment regrets


Attn Interns! How to Not Blow it this Summer

Oh welcome, you precious little nuggets. I remember my first Summer internship like it was just yesterday..... the first-day "professional" outfits, the coffee runs... the waking up at 9:30am and having the OH F*** IM SUPPOSED TO BE THERE AT 9 panic attacks. #GoodTimes. 

As you embark on your Summer Internship this season, allow me, your 20-something-Sherpa (god, I am really loving that title) to give you some words of wisdom. I promise if you follow these simple steps, you may even land yourself a job at the end of the Summer.

THE List: Free & Cheap Therapy and Meditation Resources

while everyone deserves access to mental healthcare, the truth is, it is not always affordable or accessible. In the Anxiety Episode on the Podcast this week, I promised you a list of free and cheap Therapy & Meditation Apps that can help if you are not ready (or not able) to seek professional help just yet. Here they are! 


The BigKidProblems List is on Amazon PRIME baby!

The BigKidProblems Amazon List is HERE!! Any time we mention a book or a resource or product on the podcast - it is going in one, easy to find place: The BigKidProblem Amazon Prime List! 


How to Train your Dog/ Boyfriend

I just adopted a puppy! Having a new puppy is so much fun, but holy hell, it is a ton of work. I love him, but like every male in my life, he gives me tension headaches sometimes. The good news? Puppies can be trained. Through learning how to train my pup, I've picked up a few techniques that also work on boyfriends. WHOSE A GOOD BOY???