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The perfect gift to get Him on Valentine's Day.

Whether you are in a brand new relationship, have a long-term boyfriend, or are even married -  I've done the research, interviewed hundreds, and found that there really is just one perfect gift he actually wants this Valentine's Day.  


Brace Yourselves. Engagement Season is upon us.

Engagement season is upon us folks, and if you have a Facebook account or have been anywhere near the internet this month - I'm sure you can feel it.  According to experts (cough, Google) 43% of engagements happen between Thanksgiving and New Years Day, which explains why we have been inundated on our social media feeds. So how does that effect us?



The 5 People You Should Prepare to See Thanksgiving Weekend

Oh Thanksgiving weekend. A time to reconnect with your family and give thanks that you no longer live with them. But what about all those other people you're inevitably going to run into when you head home this fateful weekend? For better or for worse, we're counting down the top 5 people you should prepare to see this Thanksgiving weekend. 

BKP Anthem - Weekend Millionaires

Have #bigkidproblems? You will LOVE THIS SONG. Consider this banger from Katelyn Tarver your new anthem. 

The Basic Bitch Guide to Fall

The first leaf has fallen, and basic bitches everywhere are rejoicing with seasonal scarves and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I'm not here to hate, in fact, I'm pretty F'ING PUMPED and am writing this in uggs as we speak (its 76 degrees outside- pls help). 

On behalf of basics everywhere, let's celebrate the reasons that make this season so goddamn special.