What am I doing with my life? How to feel better when you’re in a Funk with Paige Bourassa

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Have you ever been in a funk or wondered “What am I doing with my Life?? Then this is the episode for you! Friend of the show Dr. Paige Bourassa is back to teach us how to calm ourselves down and feel better about life just in time for family time over the holidays! We talk about: 

Existential Crisis

Saturn Return

Physical and mental hacks to make us feel better


Pottery (?)

And more. 


Hormone Health & Modern Fertility with Nina Boyce & Afton Vechery

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We’re back in health class – but with a BKP twist. This week I have on Hormone Coach Nina Boyce who will help us understand our hormones better and teach us  ways to nourish our bodies when our hormones are getting out of whack and making us moody, stressed, or, how I like to describe myself when I’m PMSing – very stabby. THEN we’ll hear from CEO of Modern Fertility Afton Vechery who is CHANGING the game on fertility testing and awareness...

Dating Fatigue, Breaking your Dating Patterns, Where to find Mr/Mrs Right and Where we go wrong with Kelly Henderson and Stephan Labossiere

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We’re talking about Dating Fatigue this week friends, and in this new age of social media and swiping right, our dating pool has gotten SO BIG that we’re actually getting burnt out. Many of us are waiting longer and longer to settle down and to talk about it, I have some incredible guests for you! First up, Kelly Henderson (E!’s Very Cavallari & Velvets Edge) hops on the pod to talk about being single in your 30’s and the difference of dating in your 20’s...

Stress Less and Accomplish MORE with Emily Fletcher

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If you’re stressed out and you know it clap your hands! One thing with adulting is that the older we get, the more responsibilities we have and the more stress we have to deal with. BUT everyone handles stress differently, and how YOU handle stress can directly affect your health and quality of life.

So I was really excited when I got the chance to connect with our incredible guest this week, Emily Fletcher. She literally wrote the book “Stress Less and Accomplish...

Spirit Guides, Ghosts & Tapping into your Intuition with Celebrity Spiritual Medium, Erika Gabriel

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It’s Halloween Week and we’re getting into the holiday spirit fam! Celebrity Spiritual Medium, Erika Gabriel joins us this week to teach us about our spirit guides, how to tap into our intuition, why the universe tests us sometimes, and so much more. Erika has read for thousands of people all of the world and has brought closure to hundreds of mysterious deaths, murders, paternity cases, questionable suicides, overdoses etc, so I put her to the test to see if she could help us...