Course Correction: Changing your Path in life with Hannah Berner, Taylor Strecker and Biet Simkin

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Have you ever been going down a certain path in life and realized you needed to make a change? Maybe you switched careers or got out of a relationship, maybe you are considering making a change now.. the point is, Course Corrections can be one of the hardest and SCARIEST parts of adulthood. One change, for better or worse, can completely change the course of your life. #NOPRESSURE


No New Friends.. Just Kidding. Expanding your inner circle, finding community and building new friendships as an “adult”

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This week we are talking all about making new friends as a quote on quote “adult”. It does seem that the older we get, the harder it can be to make new friends… We have more responsibilities, we already have established friendships, and not to mention, meeting new people can be uncomfortable and there happens to be a perfectly good new murder documentary on Netflix. #hardpass.


We Barely Bang! Relationship Sex Ruts, Bringing the Mojo back, Sexual Compatibility, Passion vs Compassionate Love

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Lets. Get. Intimate. This week we are talking all things Sex & Relationships, and more specifically, why sexy time begins to diminish with your significant other.

Andrea Syrtash,  author of several dating and relationship books including “Cheat on Your Husband, With your Husband” AND “He’s Just not your type: and that’s a good thing” is our expert this week and she breaks down why we get into sex ruts in the first place and provides USABLE tips and tools to bring the mojo back. We...

It’s Wedding Season! Momzillas, Missing Brides, Money Saving tips, Wedding Etiquette and MORE

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Spring has Sprung and that means Wedding Season is in the air! Now I don’t know about you guys but I actually love wedding season. Free food, dressing up, open bar – that’s all my favorite things. But I know it can get old fast and become a real #bigkidproblem if you’re shelling out a ton of money over and over again to celebrate OTHER...

The Anxiety Episode: Finding the root causes of our anxiety, How to treat it, When to seek professional help, Free, cheap and natural resources to help you every single day


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This week, we are getting into it folks. We are diving into a BIG #Bigkidproblem that I’m sure has affected 100% of you listening at one point or another. This – is the Anxiety Episode. Maybe you struggle with anxiety every day or maybe you just had a super stressful period like a breakup or a job loss – but one thing is for certain. You either have or will face anxiety at one point or another.

Word of warning… this episode is...