Episode 2: Finding your Dream Job: Breaking into your dream industry, Finding your Passion, Getting real about your strengths and shortcomings, side hustles

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Are you not exactly in your dream job? Whether you’re having trouble breaking into your industry of choice or not even sure WHAT your dream job IS – you are not alone. 

Today on our roundtable we have on two boss babes who have had two very different paths to get their dream careers. We’ll talk about how they got their foot in the door, different ways to climb the corporate ladder, and some surprising mistakes YOU might...

Episode 1: WTF is a BigKidProblem: 20-30 Something Struggles, Expectations, Timelines, Failures, Lessons learned. Why you’re going to be OK

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Welcome to the BigKidProblems Podcast! In this first episode, I give you the rundown on why I started BKP in the first place and how this podcast will go down. Essentially we’ll take an issue or struggle (AKA, a #BigKidProblem) and break it down weekly with our panel of comediennes, personalities, or celebrity guests.  THEN we’re bringing in an expert to solve our BKP of the week. We’re gunna have fun here but...

Welcome to The BigKidProblems Podcast

Listen to the full pilot HERE!

Welcome to the Bigkidproblems Podcast! A show all about navigating adulthood and the life transitions that come with it. I’m your host, Sarah Merrill, a real-life adult who has been documenting my problems on Twitter and Instagram through @BigkIdproblems since 2011. What started as a hobby quickly became a cheaper version of therapy as I soon realized how relatable my struggles were, and that we all have #bigkidproblems, and NOBODY has it...


Friends, I am very excited to bring youThe BigKidProblems Podcast coming February 26th!!!