Toxic Friendships, Protecting your Energy, Creating Connections and Finding your Tribe with Lori Harder

GUYS. Did you know you literally do not have to be friends with people you don’t want to? This week we’re talking about Friendship breakups, and really, protecting your energy from ANY toxic relationship so you can build better connections and find your people. This has been one of our MOST requested topics so I had to bring in the big guns and get TedX Speaker, Forbes Top Ranked Podcast Host, and  #1 Best Selling Author Lori Harder on the Podcast! We talk about how to spot a toxic...

Bra’s Off: Summer Recap, BIG Surprises, How to Treat your 2020 PTSD, Gender Reveals gone wrong and Craft Mac & Cheese

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We’re baaaack. Coming to you fresh from a little Summer hiatus and there is SO MUCH we need to catch up on! Dr. Paige Bourassa joins us for another unfiltered Bra’s Off Episode and we are playing catch up (there are some BIG SURPRISES) before jumping into the new Fall Season! As always, these “Bra off” episodes are unplanned, unfiltered, and OFF THE WALL. Listen at your own risk and get ready for some belly laughs!

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49. Turning 30, Getting Older & Life Lessons with the Ladies of Almost 30!

Smash Mouth was right. The years start coming and they DON’T STOP coming. This week, the ladies of Almost 30 join us to talk about getting older, why turning 30 is such a crazy milestone, things we wish we could tell our 20-something selves, some life advice, words of wisdom and SO much more. No matter what your age is, maybe you're well past 30 or maybe you’re not even close,  this is just a fun episode and one you will all relate to and enjoy! 

48. Botox, Fillers & Lasers OH MY! Bridal Prep & Serious Skincare with Complexion Nashville

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Want to get the best skin of your life?! We’re talking heavy duty skincare this week with Beth Higney and Natalie Copeland of Complexion Nashville! Ever wonder why/how celebrities have perfect skin on the red carpet? Any brides-to-be out there want to know how to look flawless on their big day? Sarah sits down with the dynamic skincare duo behind ‘Complexion’ before her wedding to talk about the different skin treatments out there, how to get the biggest bang for...

47. Breaking your Barriers, Getting out of your own way and Rising Higher with Stephanie Kwong!

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Do you ever feel like you’re just pushing a boulder up a hill? Or that you’ve been spinning your wheels TRYING to achieve something but it’s just not working? Maybe you can sense that you’re stuck, but no matter what you try, you can’t seem to push through? WELL THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU! 

Our guest this week, Stephanie Kwong, is a Mindset Mastery Coach, Hypnotherapist, and the host of the Rise Higher Podcast. She specializes in uncovering...