46. Disordered Eating, Exercise Bulimia & Owning your Mental Health with Jenn Kahan

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There can be a slippery slope between wanting to get in shape and starting to obsess about it in an unhealthy way. (Ugh, guilty) Jenn Kahan joins the pod today and she is a Certified Personal Trainer specializing in the mental and emotional aspects of fitness. She is someone who has overcome an unhealthy cycle of food obsession, eating disorders, anxiety and exercise bulimia, and has lived to tell the tale. We’ll talk about recognizing if...

45. Bra’s Off: Embarrassing Stories, Dating in your 30’s, Fertility Pressure, Finding your Passion and more!

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Back by popular demand, we’re doing another “Bra’s Off” Episode! Sarah brings on friend of the show Paige Bourassa (She’s like our Dr. Drew at this point) for a completely unfiltered episode filled with laugh out loud stories and some real life wisdom.  We talk about everything from dating in your 30’s, to colonics, to female entrepreneurship AND answer some of your listener questions along the way. If you’re not laughing in the first 10 minutes you’ll get...

Get in Loser, We’re Reforming the Criminal Justice System with NY District Attorney Candidate Eliza Orlins


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“The system isn’t broken, it’s working exactly the way it was designed”. This week we take a look into the Criminal Justice System and why it’s such a #bigkidproblem with our AWESOME guest and Candidate for NY District Attorney, Eliza Orlins. Eliza has been a Public Defender in New York City for over a decade where she has represented thousands through the Criminal Justice System. We’re going to talk about how the system works, why reforms need to be made, The “Central...

We’re in a Future History Lesson. Talking Race, Underlying issues and Allyship with Michelle Saahene


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After taking part in #BlackOutTuesday last week, we are BACK and having the important conversations with Speaker, Activist and Co-Founder of the organization “From Privilege to Progress, Michelle Saahene. We talk about the experience that lead her to creating her organization, systemic racism, unconscious bias, discrimination and how WE can all help by educating ourselves, using our voices, and taking action. If you have felt angry or sad or wondered “What can I do?!” this episode is for...

Help I’m a Corona Bride! Wedding Planning Tips, Tricks & Trends with The Knot

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Calling all Corona Brides! We’re talking all things Wedding Planning in the age of Covid-19. Executive Editor at The Knot (a platform dedicated to all things Weddings) Lauren Kay joins the show this week to walk us through some Corona Bride trends, what to do if you need to cancel or postpone your wedding, some creative ways Brides are pivoting their wedding celebrations, and what this may mean for the wedding industry moving forward.


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